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Jypsy Rose @ Jypsy @Coutry Chic NYE Party

Jypsy @Coutry Chic NYE Party, Crosby, TX

An amazing group of "getting down" kind of folks from Crosby not to mention the best variety band north of Houston, are going to have a fantastic New Year's Eve party at the Country Chic.

Tickets are only $5 at the door.

There will be those dressed in steampunk garb to celebrate the new year with Miss Jypsy Rose.

Jypsy Rose @ Jypsy Rose & Neon Moon

Jypsy Rose & Neon Moon, Bay City, TX

This is the bar everyone loves to love. The people are great & voted this bar "my kind of bar". If you like Texas Music & if you love the incredible voice if Jypsy, make your way down to the bar. It's where the party is.

Jypsy Rose @ Jypsy Rocks with Circus of the Dark

Jypsy Rocks with Circus of the Dark, Pearland, TX

Circus of the Dark is a event you will not want to miss with burlesque dancers and night creatures that lurk in the dark. for one time only, Jypsy Rose and her band will be rocking the house.

must be over 21 to enter, tickets are $20 with. purchase of 2 tickets you get a Jypsy Rose t-shirt.


Rose believes music unites, builds peace among people.  In 2013 She released "The Other Side of Me" as Wild Cactus Rose and it became #1 in New Zealand Country Charts. Jypsy loves people and loves to encourage people to be who they were meant to be and participate regularly in dancing and playing.  She is precise about hearing each instrument piece played in studio herself, because she believes that "real" "raw" music and phenomenal story telling is what this broken world needs to hold itself together.


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Jypsy Rose brought Texas Music back to life in 2016...”


She is going to be awesome”

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