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Jypsy Rose @ Jypsy Rocks (full band)

Jypsy Rocks (full band), Gardiner, MT

Dancing has no shoes. Pull up them boots for a southern gal's version of a wild time.
Call and reserve. This is filling up.

Jypsy Rose @ Country Dance (Jypsy Rose full band)

Country Dance (Jypsy Rose full band), Pray, MT

This Country Rocker from Texas will blow your mind with an amazing voice. A tribute to our independence as we celebrate a magnificent lights show in the north. Bring your rockn' boots cuz the house is coming down.

Real people live real lives. Escape the ##i#hole for just a moment. Set your heart free.  Free your soul.  Everybody falls apart sometimes and everybody needs someone or something out there to hold them together. 

Do you believe music unites? Jypsy does and she loves to encourage people to be who they were meant to be and participate regularly in dancing and playing.  Jypsy's phenomenal story telling is what this broken world needs to hold itself together. Save the music.


Jypsy Rose brought Texas Music back to life in 2016...”


She is going to be awesome”

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