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Jypsy Rose @ The Bad S (full band)

The Bad S (full band), Oyster Creek, TX

She rocks the house. A cool blend of old & new. Country & Southern Rock. The show is never the same. Enjoy the party with Jypsy Rose over & over again. Keep coming back for more.

Jypsy Rose @ The Real Bad S Jypsy (full band)

The Real Bad S Jypsy (full band), Oyster Creek, TX

There is hardly any talk of this other imposter gypsy band anymore since the Real Jypsy Rose has come out to play. People have heard her far & wide & no longer confuse her with the band formerly know as........

Come see what all the fun is about. It fills up on Jypsy night, so you better RSVP.


Rose believes music unites, builds peace among people.  In 2013 She released "The Other Side of Me" as Wild Cactus Rose and it became #1 in New Zealand Country Charts. Jypsy loves people and loves to encourage people to be who they were meant to be and participate regularly in dancing and playing.  She is precise about hearing each instrument piece played in studio herself, because she believes that "real" "raw" music and phenomenal story telling is what this broken world needs to hold itself together.


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Jypsy Rose brought Texas Music back to life in 2016...”


She is going to be awesome”

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