Give Your Heart Away

Jypsy Rose

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Sometimes we just have to let go of the hurt to heal. I hope you listen to this tune and cry it out with me. It took me 2 years to let go of all the pain, but look now how I am able to get by.

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Ain't your Moma's country anymore. It's Jypsy country. Real people live real lives. Let loose and escape the rat race for just a moment. Free your soul.  Falls apart, come alive, but be yourself.  People need someone or something to hold on to. Why not music?

Do you believe music unites? Encourage people to be who they were meant to be and go dancing and keep playing. More like Jypsy's phenomenal story telling is what this broken world needs to hold itself together. Save the music, save the world.


Jypsy Rose brought Texas Music back to life in 2016...”


She is going to be awesome”

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